Lesson plan: On the Bright Side of Quarantine

What really amazes me with our ELT field is that it is based on an idea that sharing your creations like materials and lesson plans not only to help other teachers be inspired and adapt tested activities, but also help the sharer reflect thus evolve as a professional educator. One such professional educator that I truly admire and that always shares his awesome work is Miguel Míguez.

Here’s a lesson plan based on the current covid19 lockdown situation and what really got my attention from this lesson idea is how he found a Lithuania photographer, Adas Vasiliauskas,  who happened to do a project on coronavirus lockdown and turn it into an inspiring idea to have meaningful conversations with my student which just might motivate them to end up expressing themselves in writing. Will definitely use this plan in my advanced class today. Very current topic with an interesting way of using this material in our class.

Amazing images for nonstop online class participation.

Quick not on how I will modify Miquel’s lesson plan. Basically, I will use his suggested activities as they are but since Miguel offered a word document for students as a file,  I adapted it as a google doc for my online classes. I will end up sharing the link to this google doc, get my students to make a copy for themselves and share their link back to me. So while we are in the lesson, when they are writing, I will be able to view their documents at the same time and individually comment on anything that might help. As a quick communication tool, I use Padlet.com for sharing links, docs, and getting feedback from students.

Thanks again, Miquel!

On the same page

Lithuanian photographer Adas Vasiliauskas has been using a drone to capture pictures of people in their homes since the country went under quarantine on 16th March, 2020. Each portrait is an imaginative exercise in creativity by the dwellers, too. “I started this project to give people a chance to brighten their day in this negative corona information environment,” says Adas. “I believe that these funny photos remind everyone that sitting quarantined at home can be fun too. And, of course, to remind everybody that you need to keep your social distance during these times.”

I contacted Adas about the possibility of using some of his photographs for a lesson and he readily agreed to it. His work provides such an inspiring and vibrant context that it will be difficult for students not to come up with unique, memorable personal responses to it — and we all know how important…

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