#EVOMC2021 Day 1 – The beginning!

This is my first day on EVO Minecraft Mooc 2021. I have tried to follow this group of educators before so I did have a Minecraft account and a discord account. This made my first day much easier. I have to say that connecting the to EVOMC21 Minecraft server was a lot easier this time and I was pleasantly suprised by a mc world when I got into the server.

This was my first pic of the new world that I have entered into. It is a bit daunting at the beginning and really I don’t know what to do. I will go back to http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/w/page/141007341/2021_Week1#MissionsforWeek2Declare and watch a few howto videos, to begin with.

Minecraft basics.

Good video to start with. Gave me the information that I needed to find my way around but still need more information like how do I talk with the rest of the participants on discord and even send msgs on MC to other participants.

Surviving your first 20 minutes on MC – Vance Stevens

This video helps a lot. I got the gist of the game and started to wonder around my world.

One question that came to mind on the EVO MC server is that if I have to do those things myself becuase the world was already built for me…

Connecting with the EVO team in game really helped!

It’s good to connect with the EVOMC team in game. Got a few insider tips.

  1. T is to talk to others on the server (and this is ghosted on the discord server too!)
  2. /sethome home is to set the place where you are as your home.

This was really interesting. I’m sure I can get some more tips from my students tomorrow! I’ve got quite a few of them that are really into MC!

Here are a few pics of me with other EVO MC Members!

Me at my first bbq!
Me getting tips for TeacherVance and Olvetree about how to bbq fish!
Family potrait of TeacherVance and Bobbibear!

Overall, it was a overwhelming experience. I felt a bit lost, but the chat helped a lot. The team there quickly got me into the gist of things and helped me understand what I should be doing.

As was informed, the server is in survival mode so tomorrow I am thinking about exploring the world and see if I can find a spot of my own!


One thought on “#EVOMC2021 Day 1 – The beginning!

  1. Hi Mike! I am glad you were able to join us this time. I wonder how your students reacted when you told them that you are now playing Minecraft 🙂 . It’s a game so enjoy the exploration and take your time. Kids can learn from a game if they feel they are playing and having fun. When you do sethome you can add a name so you can find the one that you want to go to, e.g. /sethome blackhorse if the area has black horses 🙂 .. One more useful command if you are going to be on the server on your own sometimes is /back . It takes you back to where you died or where you were at before you teleported home for example.
    I hope to catch you in game sometime.


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