Using #inclassflip in a hybrid teaching situation

So I was just thinking about this morning’s routine in which on a typical Monday morning I usually finish planning for my afternoon lessons; what I was truly thinking when I first sat down was, ‘is it really a typical Monday?’

This is the first week back after our Christmas break. For us in Greece, we are heading towards the peak of the Covid 19 variant Omicron and most people are concerned for the safety of their children and their own. State schools have opened today for students who are either vaccinated or have been self-tested and all wearing masks. For my school, we too ask for all students to have with them their self-test certificate or the vaccination certificate and of course, the compulsory use of masks. So I was wondering, with all this uneasiness going on for the next two weeks at least, can I really assume that I will not have an issue with colocation? What this means is that can I assume that I will have all my students in class at the same time or will I have some online on our school platform and a few face2face students too, in other words, a hybrid situation? And if so, how can I best plan for these types of situations?

For me, teaching is about having students who are actively involved in constructing their own knowledge. I assume that students come to class with their own knowledge of things and can learn to collaborate with others to make new connections on various topics. I also believe that a growth mindset plays a major role in successfully carrying out these types of teaching sessions and that students can learn to self-regulate and self-teach themselves and others. Also, I am a passionate supporter of Flipped Learning and when I can avoid direct instruction in class because I know that in this day and age, all students won’t be ready to take in what I want to teach them at that given moment.

Flipped learning presumes that direct instruction is done in the individual space or for homework before class and group space or class space is best used to actively apply and extend this new knowledge. Well, for Christmas, I don’t really give homework, because as I needed rest, I wanted my students to rest and take in quality family time. So, the best solution I thought of was the use of #Inclassflip approach which was first introduced to me by Martha Ramirez and Carolina Buitrago.

The Inclassflip approach is where direct instruction is incorporated into class time in different forms and then practice time is actively carried out in class. There are a number of ways you can try Inclass flip whether you use Station work with a sequence, loop, half-n-half stations or the choice of mixed stations or Non-station work as a Solo, Duo or Group ordering. However, you still need to think of the Essential questions or the big ideas you want students to know, understand and be able to do and how you would like them to prove what they have understood.

Given that I wanted to start a new module from the course book which has to do with students understanding environmental problems, environmental jobs and qualities and endangered species, I assume that students have been looking at this topic from a very young age and do know quite a lot about this topic already. So, I wanted them to brush up on their knowledge of environmental problems. Learn about types of jobs connected to the protection of the environment and learn about general vocabulary around work life.

To implement this, I chose the non-station layout of the Inclass flip in the form of solo, duo and group work which basically means instead of students moving around stations the stations will move around to them and they will work in pairs – duo, by themselves -duo or as small groups – group. I do keep a time limit for each task to help students stay focused on the task at hand. I have digitised access to the video from the coursebook and will use it as the flipped station work. The practice stations will include work from the coursebook, and it will also have group work in which each group will need to create some sort of product presenting an environmental problem they investigated. I do have an independent station on hand for early finishers which will include the use of the Quizziz app and vocabulary building skills work.

I designed a total of 7 tasks in solo, duo and group format which I will write and reflect about how it went in the my following post.

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