Back again! Happy New year everyone!

Has been a while since my last post. I suppose so much has happened during the pandemic, don’t know where to start, really. Well, firstly, I want to wish everyone (or anyone!) reading this a happy new year full of health, laughter and happiness.

I suppose what got me coming back here is me signing up as a participant, for an Electronic Village Online session (more here EVO2021) after a long time since I am also a moderator in the Flipped Learning in language teaching session too (more info here ). Personally, I have a thirst for knwoledge for anything that has to do with making learning fun and more interesting, including gamification. Therfore I have wanted to advance my knowledge in Minecraftand and this free EVO session from well-known global educators is my chance. Here’s a link (here) if you are also interested!

Luckily, I have done some prior research so I do have a Mojang Minecraft account and a discord account. So not much to do before we start on Sunday, I believe. The only concern I have is if the live sessions are going to clash with our Flipped sessions, but not to worry because recordings are cool too…

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